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        Your patent is worthless if a Patent Defense policy protecting a competitor from your patent costs less than the amount you spent to acquire the patent, including lawyer fees, government fees and direct R&D costs - plus the additional post-issuance costs of maintenance fees plus a thorough search and reissue/reexam if you are serious about suing/licensing/selling.
        Your low quality patent won't recover these costs through litigation (you will likely lose, and may lose even more money paying attorneys' fees), and probably won't recover from licensing unless you license for more than the cost of insurance (encouraging the licensee to buy the insurance instead) plus reanalysis/reexamine.
        To quote the patent law firm of Finnegan and Henderson, of their Nov. 2021 affirmative quote of "... industry analysts who report that up to 97% of patents fall into the low value category ..." A lower value than what was spent to acquire the patent? Any patent law firm guaranteeing a greater value?
        And it does not matter what your patent lawyer, and/or patent valuator, legally states to the contrary - unless they will guarantee your patent's value being higher than your cost to acquire the patent (and then heal it). In writing. Under binding contract law. Hahahahahaha. They never will. They (should) know the (lethal) attacks of the patent system that are built into the SPO Analyzer's expert system rules and insurance premium calculations. Defects which surely your patent lawyer told you about, before you spent tons of money with him or her. Hahahahahaha. The obligations under contract law governing insurance makes patent insurance much more powerful -- much more honest -- than legal opinions/guesses that come with no binding obligations.
(Note: throughout this Web site, the acronym IOOOO signifies: "In Our Ostentatious Outspoken Offbeat Opinion")


Each Tuesday, about 7000 U.S. patents are issued. About 30%, 2000 or so, are pure software patents. Each Wednesday, the Shadow Patent Office rewrites and reexamines all 2000 of these software patents, doing the detailed legal analysis that many patent prosecution law firms are too lazy to do, the type of detailed legal analysis that patent litigators will later use to annihilate and destroy your patent in court (and sadly, the authoritarian U.S. federal courts are oh so willing to issue legal decisions to help patent litigators destroy your patents).

As of version 1.0 of our KX Patent Analyzer, we are identifying at least 700 patents a week so invalid, of such poor quality, that we can offer a low cost Low Quality Patent Defense policy against ALL of these patents collectively, or against individual patents. For these 700 patents, we offer an $8000 Patent Defense insurance policy (covering the costs of litigation and damages) or an $8000 Patent Collateral Policy (the insured collateralization of your patent). For the remaining patents, 1300 or so, the cost is $16,000 (and yes, as the Analyzer becomes more powerful, these prices go down).

Visual Proof of the Worthlessness of Most (Software) Patents
Statistical Proof of the Worthlessness of Most (Software) Patents

The availability of these policies implies that these patents are not only worthless (worth less than you spent acquiring the patents), but were worthless the moment your patent lawyer filed the patent applications (given many devaluation flaws are detectable before filing).

The links below are to databases of these low quality patents, arranged by different characteristics: by the assignee, the prosecuting law firm, Chinese assignees, by week of issuance, and a special collection - those patents with defects that imply/suggest/hint of potential malpractice on the patent of your patent lawyers.

  • No Value Patents (by assignee)
  • No Value Patents (by law firm)
  • No Value Patents (by Art Unit)
  • No Value Patents (by week of issuance)
  • Patents With Inferable Potential Malpractice (by week of issuance)
  • No Value Patents (China assignees)
  • No Value Patents (Canada assignees)
  • (Too Many) Patents With Too Many Claim Terms Not In Detailed Description

Note: in time, we will expand the analyses to all Electronic patents, and then to all Electronic patents/applications before the European Patent Office, and PCT patent applications published by WIPO. Some of your patents will be shown to be worthless even before you apply for a formal patent.


The SPO Low Quality Patent Defense Policy fully covers your litigation costs arising from patent infringement lawsuits for ALL of the patents in the SPO databases. Since the policy premiums divided by the number of patents covered is less than $8000, this means the average expected value of these patents is less than $8000 - guaranteed (that is you can safely use the technologies in the patents at a cost far less than licenses or lawsuit damages). Since more than $8000 was spent acquiring these patents, this means that all of these patents can be guaranteed to have no value. We hope, to avoid charges of malpractice, that your patent lawyers fully explained the defects in your patent, and the power of patent insurance in light of hostile court decisions (e.g., ClearCorrect, Hold The Mayo, Alice in Wonderland, Chef America, In re Wands) that provide multiple attack points to render your patent(s) to be worthless.

If your patent lawyer, or patent valuation firm, objects to our assessments of your patents, we will be glad to remove your patents from our databases -- if you provide us with a signed contract from your patent lawyer or patent valuation firm GUARANTEEING the validity and value of your patents.


The Shadow Patent Office has created an offshore server farm that offers three services to SPO clients to escape charges of infringement of others' [low-quality], [poorly-enabled] software patents:

The SPO-OPS allows you to sell your software without infringing U.S. Beauregard claims. Your software is encrypted on our servers for download, with passwords provided by a separate, secure channel. The SPO-OMS allows you to run patented methods/functions without infringing U.S. method claims (for those software methods that network transmission times are not a burden). The SPO-OSS allows you to run patent server processes and full software applications without infringing U.S. server/system claims. For SPO-OMS and SPO-OSS, the transmission of your results back to the U.S. is not infringement of the corresponding patent claims (thank the U.S. federal courts for this).


The QUality IP ENvironmental Investment fund (QUIPEN) is a newly-launched investment fund that is raising capital to investment in startups with new technologies in key areas of environmental technology that receive lesser attention but for which solutions will help fight global warming.
More information about the fund can be seen at: QUIPEN - the Quality Environmental IP Investment fund.


The Shadow Patent Office is dedicated to ridding the system of low- to no-quality patents for what are, let's be honest, non-inventions. A large amount of R&D around the world is just recreating someone else's earlier invention - the waste is in the tens of billions of dollars a year.

But some inventions do rise to the level of being worthy of a patent, being novel, unobvious and enabling for others to make use of. And yet, many such inventions are denied patents by a judicial-administrative system that seemingly hates inventors using a family of court decisions that are collectively incoherent and contradictory - a violation of Due Process Public Notice.

The SPO is offering a radically new type of insurance policy, the Patent Examination insurance policy, to help inventors protect themselves from judicial decisions that the USPTO is constitutionally forced to follow when it rejects patent applications.



The following families of patents, IOOOO, are mostly worthless for being unenforceable, no matter the quality of the patent. For example, the execution times of most quantum software patents are such that once the first quantum computing server is built outside the US, all US quantum software patents will be unenforceable because the infringer can execute the software offshore and send the results back to the US (with the blessing and protection of the US Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit).

While the Shadow Patent Office offers patent preparation/analysis/valuations services for all technologies, the above fields of technology are those for which we have special expertise.

Another way to measure the worthlessness of patents is comparing the stock price of a company that has a lot of patents, to the price of gold. There is an argument that if a company/country is doing something stupid economically, you short the company/currency and go long gold. A tech company with a lot of patents - which should drive new revenues if the patents have much worth - should be a more profitable investment than gold. Underperforming gold suggests a lack of innovation, reflected in worthless patents.


Most patent applicants have to wait upwards of two years to receive the first review of their patent application - to receive their first Office Action Rejection. For smaller businesses, this is a disastrous amount of time, the uncertainty created frustrating efforts to raise money, do business deals, license the technology, etc. This is an unacceptable, especially in today's very rapidly moving global economies.

However, with a few simple, low cost, alterations, to the patent application process, patent offices can provide a First Office Action within one week of filing. Here's how. All the patent offices need to do to implement these changes is for the patent bar - your patent lawyers - to use their clout with politicians to provide the patent offices with a small amount of additional financial support. You have to ask yourself why patent lawyers refuse to so help their clients and help the patent offices.



Over 500,000 patent applications are filed each year in the United States. This is an industry of document preparation. Industries save money through standardization. It is long overdue to start creating standards of sections of patents, in part, to help patent offices use advanced software tools to analyze patent applications. The Shadow Patent Office is proud to freely offer to the public its model of a structured Patent Application Container that can serve as a prototype for patent offices and WIPO to create a global template. Again, why doesn't the patent bar seek this type of standardization that will save their clients money?


In which we write about why gold is often better to invest in than patents and patent-obtaining companies, the scam of Theranos, how Fed moneyprinting fuels Silicon Valley wealth not innovation, some thoughts on IBM being the largest patent holder while struggling for decades to make a non-accounting profit, and Tesla as the ultimate socialist beneficiary in the Valley.


If up to 97% of US IP is basically worthless, how does U.S. National Security feed Congress nonsense by saying that We are looking at $200 billion to $600 billion dollars a year in losses to IP theft by China???

Stop the hypocrisy of insulting China's technology strategies. For clients only.

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